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EXTO Exchange Undergoing SPACIO 2 Versioning!

What is Versioning?

Over a past one year, EXTO Exchange was in BETA testing version and now it has successfully completed its BETA testing. Now it is completely ready to induct all the new features, list alternate coins etc. For the induction of all these new upgrades, Exchange has to undergo versioning. Kindly note that our Exchange will be undergoing SPACIO 2 versioning which is highly advanced and top rated.

Benefits of versioning in Spacio 2 :

  • There will be a tremendous increase in speed.
  • An individual will be able to access market for 24 hours.
  • Limit for 100 trades per day will be removed.

  • Reward system will be completely reconstructed.
  • Security of our Exchange will be tighten even further.
  • Alternate coins can be listed.

  • High liquidity will be available
  • Registration on crypto sites such as coinmarketcap can be easily processed.
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Why Versioning Is Time Consuming?

The major thing in versioning is data shifting. Even a slightest of error takes place while data shifting can lead to a huge miscalculations further in the system. Also an average calculation is about 10,000 pages of data for one email I’d and this needs to be handled with utmost care. Also there are various aspects which are needed to be taken care while system is undergoing versioning and hence it is a highly difficult and time consuming work.

Be assured as all your assets are safe with us. EXTO has hired the best in the world professionals as resources to implement this versioning successfully. We are confident that this will be completed quickly and with 100% precision.